The lucky one

The lucky one

I'm the lucky one
All I hear people say
What about the ones
Who died unable to walk away
How can I feel greatful
Find peace from within
When so many lost their lives
With this situation there is no win
I'm expected to find comfort
Knowing Yes, I'm still alive
But the lost of so many
Cuts me with an emotional knife
The pain, the suffering
All the tears that fall
Makes me feel ashamed
I'm not there with them all
I'm to feel lucky, I don't
I want us all still alive
What makes me different
Why was I allowed to survive?
Written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins


  • SLR

    Survivors guilt can cause severe depression. You've expressed it very well. Well written piece. Welcome to my poetic side! Look forward to reading more of your work.

  • Xeson

    Thank you for your words of encouragement

  • kitcat

    Wow! Words of truth so very true so very sad Well written

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