I’m Not Afraid


I’m not afraid of lions and tigers

They aren’t stalking my streets

There’s a whole different predator out here

With hate and hurt in their heart looking for meat


I’m not afraid of werewolves and vampires

There are worse monsters out under the moon

Plotting and scheming looking to catch you alone

Broken in their head on a path towards doom


I’m not afraid of snakes and spiders

They are dangerous but predictable

There is a whole different creepy crawler 

With a plan that’s just despicable 


I am afraid of you

I fear for the evil that men do

There are people who just want to hurt you

When your not a threat or somethings food

These other things won’t bother you

But when someone’s not right in their head and they find you

You can’t trust what they are gonna do

I’m afraid of the evil that men do


LukeCoomer ©

  • Author: LukeCoomer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 12th, 2018 19:19
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • w c

    enjoyed it

  • SLR

    So true. Sometimes animals are more humane than humans. It would never occur to an animal to do some of the stuff that humans do to hurt each other. Good write.

  • orchidee

    A fine write Luke. You afraid of my singing? That's pretty terrifying, ya know. Well, it's like two cats fighting! heehee.

    • LukeCoomer

      Haha not at all! Thanks

    • dusk arising

      So true. Do we question the mental health of our leaders when they send our young people to die in foreign lands?
      No, but we should.
      Really enjoyed your writing here.

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