sands of time

I hear myself talking but the words aren't mine,

  and I see myself walking in the sands of time.

So clouded I am so shrouded with doubt,

  I'm crowded within and can't even shout.

I'm slippin through time and sliddin through space,

  am I losin my mind or losin my grace.

A collection of moments stir in the wind,

  even right now is a memory within.

I talk to my ghost as it walks with the dead,

  and it plants these words that rant in my head.

I'm slippin through time in the ripples in space

  each thought that I find is so out of place.

As the ghost of my past swims the abyss,

  it swims in the shade through seams of a kiss.

This whispering wind is escaping my lips,

  in the eye of the hour glass sand just slips.

One grain at a time they fall into place,

  each grain is a ripple slippin through space.

The space it inhabbits is trapped in my mind,

  I found myself walking in the sands of time.



  • Maxine Smith

    Beautifully done.

    • Turtle

      thank you

    • SLR

      I think more of us feel this way than is thought. Outside ourselves. Observing ourselves without feeling control or even sometimes a connection. Great work!

    • Jhe

      i got the impression you were so mesmerized by the sand that you lost track of time & that your mind drifted away from any sense-of-self... until one of your mental meanderings touched on something relating to the present and, plop, there you were, back in the here and now

      at least, as someone who gets entranced like that from time to time, that's what i imagine it's saying ~ that was my long winded way of saying i liked it ;)

      • Turtle

        good take and thank you

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