A New Hope.

A massive flash 

Followed by a tremendous bang

Making the tide of life ebb away

Exposing a hidden sand of broken dreams

Small pools of water that hold memories, remain

Ripples boil, stagnate and never evaporate 

The wind blows increasingly stronger 

Blowing me gently towards the great unknown 

The once glowing sun turns grey with ashes of sadness

Song birds fall silent and fall from the sky with burnt wings

The beast that lurks in the shade consumes the corpses

Painted shadows of children appear on the wall

Money with no value burns whilst coins melt to a molten mess

Watches stop as the world shudders to a halt

Laughter turns to screams with a menacing tirade

A dog turns to ashes whilst a burning pram rolls in the wind

The fire of a once sleeping dragon engulfs the world

The ever present stench of roasted death fills the air

A poison follows that brings an illness that will last for many years

The now ancient scorched earth is void of green plants and trees

Except there is one hope

A pink flower peeps through the ash

A beautiful lady dancing in the gloomy sunshine

Her prickly leaves to defend her charms

She is the start of something new

This is the alpha after the omega 

A beginning after an end

A new hope


  • Maxine Smith

    A fine write.

  • SLR

    This reminds me of a bad forest fire we had in the area a couple years ago. For a long time nothing would grow there. But after a while little things started to grow and now it's flourishing. The earth will heal itself if and when humans will let it. Good piece of work!

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