Maxine Smith


Serenade life with sweet sugar delight 

Melodies, our feelings sing fruitfully 

Inject with zest, feeling fine, feeling fresh

Lips pursed, then we burst, into the bliss we kiss

Endeavour to exude, this charming mood 



    WOW MAXINE ~ Love acrostics and this one ticks all the boxes ! You have a perfect SMILE and I love all your pictures ! I especially love line four because your photos are always so full of Love's promises !

    Lips pursed, then we burst, into the bliss we kiss !

    This is doubly beautiful physically for the action
    Linguistically for the double internal rhyme !

    Thanks for Caring & Sharing
    Hugs ~ Angela & Brian XOX

    • Maxine Smith

      Wonderful words Brian, thank you so much for your support.



    • Laura🌻

      An awesome acrostic! One of my favorite structures! Reading it certainly put a smile on my face!
      Actually, whenever I see your smiling face, it automatically makes me smile! You’re very beautiful!

      Hugs 🤗

      • Maxine Smith

        Awww how lovely, your comment has just put a smile on my face.
        Thank you so much Laura ☺️☺️

        • Laura🌻

          The pleasure is all mine! 😘

          Hugs 🤗 and kisses 😘 to Charlie & Izzy!

        • stevievize

          Very good poem max it’s always good to smile 😊

          • Maxine Smith

            Aw you made me smile today kid lol ROAD TRIP

          • stevievize

            Haha road trip road trip 😂

          • orchidee

            A fine write Maxine.

          • Michael Edwards

            Your work improves with every posting - - superbly crafted Maxine

            • Maxine Smith

              Thank you so much Michael, such a lovely comment.

            • SLR

              So sweet, lyrical and light. Lovely! Inject with zest, endeavor to exude? You certainly have! Thank you! You've definitely made my day a little brighter.

            • Goldfinch60

              Super positive write.

              "Smile, it confuses people"

            • Lorna

              So many smiles this one created! Lovely and fun!

            • ron parrish aka wordman

              sounds like a little bliss

            • E-Poems

              This put a smile on my face, such lovely writing as always! I have an instant craving for them rainbow sticks full of sugar? haha. ~E

              • Maxine Smith

                Aw glad to oblige lol thank you Hun.

              • Mj_santos

                You know its a good poem when you feel refreshed. Great work

                • Maxine Smith

                  Aw thank you Michael, pleased you like it.

                • RiverJordan

                  zestfully bursting nostalgia! great, lol

                • Crystal Hope

                  This is absolutely beautiful. 🙂
                  Love acrostics!

                  • Maxine Smith

                    I do also, they become addictive, thank you ☺️

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