Never Be The Same

Your embrace and your love, is what I need.
Not your lies, judgmental replies and your shit
I miss your smell that brings me home, that’s not greed.
You demand orders whilst you sit.
As we embrace, waft your stale sweat purfume,
teasing my heart. Making it bleed for you.
I’m coming back to you, you assume.
I miss you too!
But you are turning my pumping heart, black
And my cold veins are shuttling down
With your sweet smell, slowly clawing me back
I’m not fooled, I’m not a clown!
I am not going along with your silly game!
Ignoring my heart, I’m going to take back control of my life.
Our love will never be the same


  • Maxine Smith

    Take control back!! Here here to that.
    Nicely done.

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