To Be a Star

How many times

Have I looked above

To the darkened sky overhead-

Illuminated by the presence

Of stars that one day

Will cease to exist?


Do they question their own

Worth and meaning?

Do they feel as time presses

Onward like a baby thrown

Into the rapids,

Swept up and submerged,

Knowing nothing more than

To be afraid?


The stars cast doubt

onto the sky’s darkness,

Shed light Into the the void-

Why is it when I look,

Really stare into the pits

Of my own eyes, I

See the void but not stars?


Have my stars already faded?

Has the smog of man

Plagued me with a boundless

Darkness drinking from the

Void of my own mind-

Poison breeding poison,

The elixir of death rather

Than life.


How often have the days

Blurred? Turned to mush,

Collided with objects foreign

To me and became one.

How often have the stars

Guided me without my knowing?

Do they know they will some

Day die alone? No one to

Mourn or remember them.


I wish to be a star-

Not to be a light nor

Some beautiful being in the sky-

To serve a purpose

Before fading away

In a ball of my own creation-

My own cause of death,

A suicide of passion,

Of love for the life I lived.

One final moment,

Captured by being the

Brightest I ever have, feeling

The passion stronger than

Ever before, before nothing.


I simply vanish and the void

Wraps me in it's warmth-

One final time.


  • Author: Trapazoid (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 13th, 2018 13:07
  • Category: Sad
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  • SLR

    Wow, such a thought provoking piece! And it's your first post?! Wow again! I love the last line. I wonder if others feel that someday they'll just vanish with the void wrapping them in warmth as you so adeptly put it. I've also felt this way. Great post! Good flow.

  • Lorna

    It must be wonderful to be a star that doesn't question it's own worth and meaning....... people are the only animals that do that....... I agree with SLR - very thought provoking....

  • MP Martinez

    Such a wonderful piece! Really there's nothing more beautiful than a fleeting star served its purpose before fading away.

  • nmurner

    I dig this. I really like how you showed me how beautiful a star's death can be.

    If you look inside your eyes and see nothing but darkness, I think the thing to do is image something up :). If you can make it real, then you're shining.

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