I truly am excited to take a flight to Bosnia this summer,

But to abandon my friends for a whole month is quite the bummer.

A whole damn month with nothing but my phone,

And not enough freedom that my mother would condone.

Sure I will enjoy my time spent over there,

And I will be smiling and laughing with little to care.

But being thousands of miles away will tear me apart,

Because my home within Iowa is stitched to my heart.

I'll be leaving the comfort of my plush grey bed sheet,

Or my dimly lit dining room table with their leather black seats.

Or my best friend's long blond hair with a laugh that utters joy,

My beloved friends, family, home, and special boy.

Everything will be continent's reach when the time begins to pick,

I will be stuck in my favorite country, but still homesick.


  • Mystery1023

    Aw Ella I know you will have fun. Remember just text us or facetime if u want

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