My Essence

As time passes you get farther away,

With every breath I seem to take.

I'm regretting more often,

Taking risks less often.

I find myself looking in places for you,

That I know I'll never find you.

Yet here I am thinking, 

I'm pondering the what ifs.

What could've beens,

What shouldves beens. 

And never taking them in. 

So I'm sitting here with the results of my choice.

Twiddling my thumbs thinking to myself,

Why didn't I?


  • A

    Very relatable. A beautiful poem. Keep writing.

  • dusk arising

    Here you describe that wonderful but horrible limbo we can be in after a relationship. So awful to live through so most take the easy way out (recommended) and stop wondering those thoughts, it does get easier.

    Great writing.

  • SLR

    Regrets will do you in. They will take up your time, energy and emotions and give nothing back but frustration because you can't go back and change it. We all have regrets but the key to happiness is learning to let go and live on. Great post!

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