lemons poetry

his own little twisted addiction

mind loss

toss away all sanity 

yelling...you dont hear it 

the walls are caving in on you 

the rood is coming down on you 

taking the needle and making it higher and the walls further 

drifting away 

chasing you loosing you 

distance growing 

your not showing you any more 

darker when you think its matching up 

lighters on the floor empty 

the door only gets more holes

now your rolling up problems 

snorting the wrong direction 

injecting down fall 

self medicating destruction 

now your leaving me with your soon to be grave 

and now nothing........


  • A

    Very emotional, has a great beat. Also extremely relatable. I like your imperfect capitalization. Your entire style really suits it. You have a awesome choice of wording hear.
    Keep it up!

  • Theta the scholar

    Very detailed and gritty poem, Hope your friend gets over drugs they don't need that in their life. Keep up the good writing lemons

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