chris frank

On waking up

Sunlight tumbles through transparent curtains 

Beams cascade past the half open door, 

Lying there, no mask to wear 

The light drapes her beauty,

Meets her shining soul. 


Next to her in peaceful wonder 

Her love he lays with emerald eyes, 

Their dreams in sleep weave together 

Two hearts, one future, 

One magical soul.


The sunlight’s warmth melts their slumber 

Their eyes they meet in half open sleep, 

His hands reach out, her body welcoming,  

Her deep blue eyes, 

Her need to feel.


Their time keeps passing, but never ending

Like the sea his love washes clean her heart.

Pandora’s box for them is open, 

A life together is their future 

Sleeping dreams becoming real 


Now both awake they both see the picture 

Time for them moves at their lovers speed.

Moving closer now her heart is open

Their souls together

His Juliet  




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