Philip Daniel Cook

Percipience Three

We look through churches we burn

to see the smoke reach heaven 

a heaven you never provoke.

Why we exist to be more

than an anchor to 

the wings of the clouds,

of the clouds of angel's sing



The temples are all empty.

We all worship their dead bodies

and fight over one another,

to prove we are 

better than facts.

How we live in a lie.

That we belong to anything.

We are all dead while we are alive.

The percipience three.


Time is not alive, substitute yourself.

With another lie, and deny the truth alive.

The world an open wound I've gone mad.

The words are my only friends.

The friends are only the words.

In the lines do we ever connect?

To anything but dead?


Time can heal they say but scars still feel.

I can deal myself out of every divide inside.


I'll walk ten million miles to come back home.

You can't put a fire out with another fire.

Nor can you exchange humility with pride.

A slave can be a master in time.


I'm hit with an all absorbing fire.

I cannot resist, persist, my skin is licked, I am thick.

Closed minded fool.

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