Israel and Palestine

Israel and Palestine

Break bread,table fear,
drink deep and hold up
a cup of treaty wine.
Only in sleep do our warring natures rest.
There God knows all souls are divine.

Our dead yet dreamless, wait hungrily there,                 At all the unborn children's request.                            They search for our best                                        instead of this unrighteous fare.                                 They asked are you still so unaware?                            We are linked to this ground we share.                         By our life blood and tears                                          that drenched this barren soil.

The bones are scattered throughout this land.                 The dead will sleep well communally                                if we settle where they lie.                                        Now plant this divisive unyielding earthen plot.          What seeds for your children will you sow?               Some have breathed their last                                       so peace could grow.                                              Listen to them,they speak,                                        they watch us eyes unseen.                              Vengeance cannot flourish green,                                  or water even a blade of grass. 

The aroma of baking bread and treaty wine passed smells sweet in Heaven.
Drink,eat,live,and peace will last.-MLH

Pray for Palestine 

Sing the Torah and the Koran 

Pray for Israel. -MLH


  • JewishHippie6669

    I love the rhyme scheme and word choice. I hope in the future this poem will no longer apply

  • MLHnow

    Me too! I have written way too many poems for peace and justice. I also write too many political poems lately! MLH
    P.S I cannot figure out why all my lines go astray when poem gets published?

  • SLR

    I thought you did the line thing on purpose. If you look closely it looks like a figure eight. The symbol for unity. Well written in any case.

    • MLHnow

      No! Can’t have stanzas stay where I put them! I love the Unity idea though!
      Thanks for seeing deeply!
      I love translating poems in other languages and I wrote my first translated poems in Hebrew! In fact I just emailed one to a synagogue in Jerusalem.

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