Pool Hustling Presidents.

Here they come with their wooden sticks

The presidents are back with all their tricks

It’s time for a game of good old pool

Who will look daft and play like a fool

I’m in says Lincoln,with his black top hat

He polishes his cue like he’s pruning a cat

The peanut man Jimmy, enters the room

When he pockets the black it goes in with a boom!

The cigar smoking Clinton orders a whiskey

Better not tell his wife he’s come with Lewinsky 

The Georges rack the balls with prestige style

But when Dubya counts them it takes him a while

Baraka jokes about the size of his cue

But with his accurate aim it will see him through 

Ike wants to break and he won’t be second

He’s going to win or so he reckons

Dickie is here with his pool hall tricks

He can hide the balls as quick as a flick

Ronnie fouls and pockets the wrong ball

It’s all in the game he says with a drawl

Ford is slow and takes his time

You can hear a clock tick and occasionally chime

Johnson and Kennedy want to play doubles

But when the Roosevelt’s agree they know they’re in trouble

As the smoke clears from Wilson’s pipe

There’s a new chap chatting a lot of tripe

The new member of the club is leaning against the panels

He’s almost broke after paying Miss Daniels 

Finally Washington wins with a tussle

You’ve got to watch these presidents when they try to hustle 




  • SLR

    Love this! Very original concept. Funny! I can see them in a pool hall trying to hustle each other. It's great.

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