The king and his army have arrived.

the brain has been struck~
overwhelmed with knowledge,
she lies on the floor.

a child, a keeper, the king of the mind.
the battlefield is crumbling
and so is her time

she calls out a cry, as it echoes-- cracked...
and dry,
Thou's king and 'tis army has arrived!

Tears roll down her cheeks,
a surrendering try accepting defeat,
slipping through her fingers~she loses her pride.
deserted in her own mind,
she begins to lose hope. Her mind begins to die.

Thou's king and 'tis army has arrived!

The shatter of glass,
The galloping hooves of their horses,
the walls turn to dust~ the floors break from their forces.
Mercy will not be found tonite.
She lets out a scream,
a panic of horror.

'Thou's king and 'tis army has arrived!'
She yells through her mind
'Thou's king and 'tis army has arrived!
Thou's king and 'tis army has arrived!
Thou's kin-'

and then there is silence.
her mind


d i e d.





the king and his army have arrived.


-'The king and his army have arrived"

                      An original poem by 

                                 A.e.m.s(the world through the eyes of a no-life)


  • SLR

    You classified it as fantasy but it feels spiritual to me. This sounds like judgement day. The king and his army. And the woman as Christendom. Lots of analogies in the bible.

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