Ian Primmer

"Tom Petty"

A lover of life, a “rolling stone”, a man who wrote with passion alone, your words hold tight in remembrance of you, on days of sadness they pull me through,

you changed and affected, many generations, we watched you shine through all your creations, there’s a song for every memory, and turn in the road, when working away, your songs brought us home, they taught us to love, and taught us to fight, how to keep movin’ on from dawn to night,

you taught us sometimes, that even a loser could win, and living a happy life is not a sin, to see that girl that’s living in the shadows, and how to forget about her when she leaves and breaks your heart, to keep movin’ on and create a new start,

you taught us to fly, though we’ve got no wings, steadily strumming those guitar strings, and to take it easy, though fret we may, you planted the vision deep in our minds, about some Indiana town on an Indiana night, deep in the city, and hard country livin,’

you showed us how to live and stand our ground, even when the man tried to bring you down, you smoked a thought, lived a dream, and kept us moving forward whenever you’d sing,

your words will forever, live deep in our soul, as the true genius of “Rock and Roll,” you’ll always be loved, even though you’ve past, for the life lessons you sang will forever last, 

we know your smiling and shining down, rocking God’s angels way up in the clouds, the music you shared, made us rough and ready, forever remembering the Great Tom Petty. 


  • FineB

    An awesome and excellent poem Ian.


    Tom Petty a true rock legend.

    Keep writing

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