Empathy not judgement


Please don’t judge them as you turn to go

We don’t know the story of why things are so


Did they gamble were they too ashamed to stay?

Were they treated badly and had to run away?



Did losing someone they loved take its toll?

Or did life turn its back on them as they grew old?


Was the world too much and they needed to be free?

Is their lifestyle really effecting the likes of you or me?


Has that can of beer they hold now captured all your thoughts?

Do you just see the beer and fags and resent them having being bought?


Maybe just one other human being stopped a to chat- even in the pouring rain


Perhaps that person thought they knew the best way to take away some pain




Do you think worse of them when you notice they have a poor dog?

Does it not occur to us that this perhaps is a two way friendship filled with love?


Why do we walk on by and in our heads we often judge- yet pretend we do not see

 please I ask unravel all negative thoughts as - there but for the grace of... this could be you or me.





  • Author: DJ (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 18th, 2018 04:12
  • Category: Reflection
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  • AlexHoy

    Great write. Unfortunately, my friend, judging is going to happen as long we have a brain trying to survive. Humans make judgments because it’s a survival tool, and sometimes we need it. People just need to be able to understand other people specifically, and regardless the judgment we produce in our heads, we should still treat each other as equals

  • SLR

    This is a wonderful reminder to 1. Be grateful for your current life. 2. Don't automatically assume that person is lazy or an alcoholic or drug addict. 3. Be kind to others less fortunate/blessed. Great work today!

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