The Falling


It's so twisted you know,

falling in love.


You literally fall.

You crash to the ground,

and I swear to God it breaks

every bone in your body.


You’re shattered.

But you don’t notice

because you’ve got this beautiful boy,

and notice how I said boy,

whispering in your ear,

and kissing your neck.

And nothing else seems to matter.


But then he leaves.

And suddenly you feel everything.


You find yourself hysterically crying

in your car at four AM

in some empty parking lot

because it’s the only place

that doesn’t taste like him.


You’re trying to hold your bones together,

but his old t-shirts

won't work as a cast.

Wrapping them around your chest

won't fix the craters in your ribs.

Nothing will stop the bleeding.


I never understood people

when they said how much it hurts,

to have your heart broken.


Until it was me.

Laying on my bedroom floor

with mascara running down my face,

grasping for air.


I mourned your loss, as if you had died.

And I guess for me, you did.


But how much pain fits inside a person?


When you planted flowers

inside me,

I thought you were going to

water them too.


That one's on me.


But as it turns out I have this weird fascination

with sandcastles and ice sculptures.

Things that only last for a few moments.


I guess that’s also why

I fall in love with boys

who never love me back.


Still here I am,

making peace with my broken pieces.


- time will teach you why

  • Author: kbreinich (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 17th, 2018 20:49
  • Category: Reflection
  • Views: 279
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  • nmurner

    This is absolutely great. The bit about flowers and watering them was really touching

  • SLR

    Tragically beautiful. It really does shatter you inside. Rips your heart from your chest. Great write.

  • Clarita

    Amazing write. Full of emotions and completely relatable.

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