Languidly Basking

I love this simple tranquil feeling 
Eyes half closed 
Head back 
Studying the contours 
Of my cobwebbed
Artex ceiling 

Pleasantly plastered 

Praying to the artex God
Soft spirals spinning through my coconut head
I wish this was real
Soft touch and feel
Bordering the living and the dead


Do not disturb 
Don't wake me up
Summer sun, bumble bees, buttercups


Basking in the smooth 
Forgetting tomorrows rough 
A mirrored pond
Peace and still
Ingesting medicine but I'm not ill 


Do not worry 

Just let me be
I'm a tourist
Politely asking....

A shark languidly basking...


In a sea


A sea of artificial tranquillity 


  • CathBee

    I love how this flows
    Its so good

    • Syd

      Hi CathBee, thank you so much for your kind comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

      Take care - Syd

    • SLR

      We have to find our relaxation wherever we can. 🙂 love the lines 'ingesting medicine but I'm not ill' and 'a sea of artificial tranquility' . Well written.

      • Syd

        Thank you SLR, I'm glad you enjoyed the poem and those lines. I appreciate all feedback.

        Take care - Syd

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