I Write...


I write because I have this need to be listened to

this call from a crevice in my soul that echoes

ricocheting off of anything it touches

I write because I can never use my words

as well as I use my keyboard

because my keyboard has spell check

I write because somewhere deep inside of me

I have a relentless itch to be near a pen and paper

and write to someone's god about what I think of their world

I write because it can be so lonely

and each letter of the alphabet can be a friend of mine

so long as I allow them to dance across my page

I write becausebelieve it or notI have something to say,

and I am desperately trying to figure out what it might be

but my ink runs out before I can get to the point

I write because I always feel like I am running out of time

and things I hear now will soon have retreated from my memory  

and what if it was important,

what if it was the password to a door that I have already forgotten the location of

I write because I have all these thoughts,

and I am so worried that no-one will ever hear them 

and if no one hears methen do I even exist?

  • Author: CathBee (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 18th, 2018 04:38
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 30
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  • AlexHoy

    Good write but I’d like to mention that the right side of the poem is cut off from my screen. It could be possible that my phone is the cause but I haven’t seen this before.

    • CathBee

      Thanks and sorry I'll try fix this now

      • CathBee

        I hope that looks better

      • AlexHoy

        It does!

      • SLR

        Great write. I have the same compulsion to write (although I'm old school. I rarely put my scribblings into any kind of electronic device until joining MPS. I'm a pen and paper and sometimes I still feel the need for a pencil. Very basic! 🙂 . ) Great post.

        • CathBee

          thank you!

        • Syd

          Hi CathBee, I'm not very good at leaving reveiws but I really enjoyed this piece.
          Especially the ending.

          "and if no one hears me, then do I even exist?"

          Good point.

          Take care - Syd

          • CathBee

            hi Syd, thank you so much for your comment. I am glad you liked it!

          • nmurner

            I really related to this - especially the the part about running out of ink and having to capture the feeling before you forget it. I'm very forgetful too

            It reads like a short, one paragraph essay to me, which I also enjoyed because I love reading like that.

            • CathBee

              thank you so much!

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