beach soliloquy

Take me to the beach
I want to see how much the tide will bite me
I want to see the moon blushing at her reflection
when it bounces off our eyes

Take me to the beach

It's warm today. there's a breeze, here to hold us,
Let's watch the meteor shower.
Let's pretend we're the dinosaurs

That was their ending, how their light switched off-

but what the universe is sling-shotting through our sky,
Swimming like tattoo ink
Onto the skin of the night- this?
this is our beginning.

Take me to the beach

I can't swim but hell I'd try
If it's what you want, I will
If it's what you want, I'll do it

Let's make a man out of driftwood

give him skinny arms, 
seaweed hair, and no heart.
I'll name him meaningless, after your worries
He has the same sneer.

Your hand's heart-splitting but calloused in mine

the sunset smiles in your nail polish
Take me to the beach, you said
all those years ago.

three years ago, I tried

Our driftwood man floated too far out to sea. 
it was warm, the breeze choked me
It's too far, I tried to scream
we can't save the driftwood man.
But the breeze tightened his fingers around my throat.

the tide has teeth

Grotty and sharp and blacker than cat's pupils
I couldn't swim
But to save you from hades I tried
To rip you from death's jaws I failed.

Here I am, I'm at the beach.

Watching the meteors.
Just me the moon, and my driftwood girl-
A fingertip out of my reach.



  • dusk arising

    Who is she and who's are the calloused hands?... I don't know, don't really need to know but theres so, so very much going on in this piece that i can see you have a wonderfully creative mind. You took me through twists and turns presenting me with un answered questions and tiny gems 'blacker than cats pupils'.
    I want to be entertained this way again and again. Lovely writing!

    • drabbler

      Thank you so much for commenting again! As for your questions- in this poem for some reason it ended up being a sort of romantic tragedy. The romance in question is the one between the narrator and the girl, and the tragedy is the death of the girl at the hands of the ocean. I'm glad you liked it- I didn't think it was very good after finishing, because it seemed a bit too vague and all over the place, but I'm glad you like it that way! Thank you again for being so kind. (and sorry for this long reply.) 🙂

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