Deadly Dull

Deadly Dull


When you look at me

I become see-through

Your eyes have become the glass

That no longer sees my reflection


One day your brain decided to hit restart

And all your memories went too

Your body is no longer a vessel

but a prison

The struggles seep through your wrinkled,

Scarred skin


When you call my name-

My mom’s name

I stop to listen

The times of laughter no longer ring


Everything is a distant echo.


Everyone is mad

I wake up the next day and pray

It won’t be as bad

But most times I’ve been let down


I have the right to be angry too.

I know I should

But I can’t be angry with someone who

Never saw the worst in me

And only the good


Your smile is written on your face

With permanent marker

Your eyes glow crystal blue

I see my mom

I see me


I can’t find the love.


The disease is a criminal

Robbing your fragile, crumbling

Mind of what makes you,



The only consistency

Is your need for co dependency

The fire that once lit your soul

Is burned out

Leaving only ashes in its place


Now there’s nothing left to say

I know he’ll rob this poem from you too

But I'll read it everyday if you ask


I’ll never let the disease take me from you

It’s stay is overdue

And I’ll try my best to kick him out

Even If it only for a day


The only word left that boil my voice are

I’m Sorry.

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