I Will Return

I have never seen another,
age with so much beauty.
Your resilience is impeccable.
You are kind.
You are loving.
Yet others always,
try to put you down.
They try to discredit,
your accomplishments.
I have been to you -
met you, seen you face to face.
Your inner beauty,
holds no bounds.
It saddens me,
how people treat,
you like an outcast.
Only a few,
see your outer beauty,
and fewer sees your heart.
Very few understand you,
but I understand you.
I often think of you.
Oh Israel, Oh Israel,
I love you so.
We will meet,
again someday.
I promise.


  • Frogspoetry

    This is beautiful,didn't anybody participate,I would have.

    • ForeverJesus6

      I am glad you would. I believe you. I have been to Israel before, and loved it.
      Persistence is key

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