You Are Not Forgotten

Those who feel,
they are forgotten,
trying to get by,
remember one thing always,
that Christ is on your side.
To the prostitutes,
on the corner,
who's heart seems,
beaten and shattered,
who's life feels,
it cannot be any sadder,
Jesus loves you,
all the matter.
To the Homeless man,
living out of a cart,
moving from place to place.
One thing you,
can never loose,
is a quiet place to pray.
To the drug addicts struggling,
each and everyday,
that truely want,
to leave that habit,
Christ will provide a way.
For the teenagers outside,
all day and all night,
selling drugs,
and holding guns,
and always feeling,
as though though,
they have to fight,
and want to leave that life,
believe me.
I've been there.
The only way out,
is with Christ.
For the women,
being beaten,
and the kids,
that have to see it,
and to the abused,
little children too,
crying for that reason -
crying for God,
to rescue them -
God hears your please.
To the child sex slaves,
alone in a dark dingy room,
who's crying when,
no one is looking,
and hoping to get out soon,
I know it is hard,
and you feel so afraid.
There are some things,
that words cannot say.
Still, God is all powerfull,
and can provide a way.


  • Frogspoetry

    I love this poem.It really makes me think about the people that are often to painful and sad to think about.It also says to me, it can always be worse.

    • ForeverJesus6

      I appreciate your comments. Maybe we can work together on other poems.
      Persistence is key

      • Frogspoetry

        Yeah I think that would be seem like maybe we were meant to be friends,seems how I just got my internet back yesterday.

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