Aphrodite and Spike


Aphrodite and Spike
-Cody Wolfeil

One day there was a little wolf
Who was lost, all alone, and hungry
Luckily a girl named Aphrodite came up to the wolf
She didn't have anything the wolf to eat
So she brought the wolf back to her home

The wolf wasn't friendly at first
The wolf didn't like people
And the people didn't like the wolf
She held the wolf in her arms like a infant
Soon the wolf warmed up to her and loved her

As soon as she got home
She named the wolf Spike
The wolf liked that name
The wolf started spinning around and barking
Even the girl liked the name Spike

They would go out exploring all day
They would be best friends
Then one late afternoon they saw
What appeared to be a cave excited the girl ran in
But spike knew that was a mistake

The wolf ran in after her
Only to find she had disappeared
There was a fork in the road
The wolf had to listen for her voice
Spike went to the right hoping she was there

Spike thought of the memories they had together
All the fun adventures they had together
Spike then thought
I must protect her, she protected me 3 years ago
When i was little, she must not get hurt at all

Just at that moment the wolf heard something
Spike heard a screaming and crying
The wolf knew it was Aphrodite
Spike gathered all his courage and strength
And ran as fast as he could towards the screaming

Spike ran and ran
But when he got to where the screaming was
Nobody was there and spike became worried
Spike let out the loudest bark he could
But heard nothing

Spike decided to bark again
And again no reply
The wolf didn't want to accept it
But the wolf knew he had to
Spike decided to leave with his tail between his legs

Spike left the cave and never came back
He knew that one day that she would move on
He wasn't prepared for that day
Spike felt empty inside
Spike came up to a cliff and decided to do it

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