1:11 AM - Time

There is something comforting in the fact that after thousands of lifetimes, 
Nothing has changed. 
There is something comforting in the fact that after thousands of seconds in my own, 
Nothing has changed - 
Comforting in the fact that thousands of lifetimes after me nothing will change. 
Constellations ago, 
Centuries, kings, queens, pharaohs, 
Marble statues and euphonious paintings have started and ended in
Skin to skin, 
Laughter - sadness, bursts of pure human nature that become the guiding hands of all that could be. 
A chimp once scratched its head and sneezed gazing at the blazing ball in the sky, 
Looked at its beautiful child and cried. 
Millions of moments, births, pavements and eons after that, on the same plot of oily earth, 
My mother kisses my rosy cheeks in her shiny Cadillac and we coast - on the bones, dreams and cries of those chimps and make our own. 
Comforting in the fact that the earth won't stop turning, until it's turned so hard it burns a hole through its' core. 
Millions of years of fathers, 
Of passion, pounding and shaving generations of children into billowing butterflies that 
Don't realize their own demise. 
Who fly like Icarus until the wax melts and those last gooey drops of freedom finally reach their tongue. 
The ocean will be bottomless still, 
Thousands of years from now, 
And we will still sink to it, desperately drowning in our own bodies.  
A world build in heat, passion, hate, love will never not be so. 

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