Table Talk

It’s nice here

The coffee’s so good

How have you been?

It’s not been good


I’m sure he’s having an affair

Are you sure?

I’m certain

What will you do?

I’ll leave him, the bastard

He doesn’t deserve you

You’re best off without him

You’re right ……….

Look, got to dash

Stay positive, I’ll call you


Good to see you

I’ll just clear away these cups

The cappuccinos are great here

Haven’t seen you for ages

How are things?

Had some bad news I’m afraid

Oh dear, what’s up

I’ve had some tests


They’ve found a growth

I’m sorry

What’s the prognosis?

Course of chemo then surgery

I’m sure you’ll be fine

I hope so

Don’t worry ………

I have to run, got a meeting at two

I’ll drop round at the weekend



Do you know this place?

I come here a lot

I love their almond croissants

You’re looking very pleased with yourself

I am

Why’s that?

Had some amazing news

Tell me

My money worries are over

Why's that?

I’ve won half a mill on the lottery

How fabulous!

What will you do?

Give up work for a start

Then buy a Porsche

Followed by a world cruise

Can I come ! ……..

Got to go

I’ve an appointment with my financial adviser

Take this and have another almond croissant on me!



  • dusk arising

    Beautifully captured lifes fickle nature here. Love the conversational way youve expressed this.

  • Caleb.A

    Thoroughly enjoyed the discourse between the two - good write.

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