Honey Silk

It's Whatever

I don't want your excuses

I don't need all the answers you've been ripping out from thin air 

Do what you want, it's whatever. 


Don't get on my case because you can't explain why you do the things you do

We make choices everyday and I choose not to show you how it feels

Instead, all you'll hear from me will be "it's whatever" 


I can careless just like you can 

I have friends just like you do 

I can do me better than you do you 

It's Whatever.


No more fights, no more arguments 

If you can have your fun, so can I 

But don't clip my wings when I'm ready to fly

It's Whatever though 


You don't get to be mad when I do you, just like you carried me 

This isn't about getting back at you 

This is your wake up call to realize that I've had enough and I've been the one hurting 

But it's whatever though 

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