Simple shapes me and you ..we’re a perfect form, hiding our feelings but they rush in .. something like a storm. In this lifetime .. our type of love is where it don’t belong. Getting caught up, one text, where did I go wrong?

My broken heart needs your mended soul, these feelings I have yet stay untold, while we talk all day the box seems to unfold .. better yet, I’m glad that you know. We stay up all night til 5 in the morning .. always talked about whatever but it never got boring. I use to cry out for help until you told me to stop worrying.

See you and I, I think I could handle it, though our big hearts hold these big ass bandages, scarred from our past all because shit wouldn’t last, what the fuck makes you think you could handle my ass? You live and you learn, relationships I fought for crashed and burned, tables turned and I was stuck looking crazy .. do you remember when I told you that you were my baby?

Now I’m up til the crack of dawn wondering why we let things go left, crazy how shit got blowed over one damn text .. now look at us .. 

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