lockdown: the story


It was Tuesday morning where the sun had shone bright,
Where we all felt happy and no need to fight.
Skipping over hopscotch and having a smoke,
Not a harmful thought that anybody could provoke.

We sat in CS chatting with our job,
But the next thing that happened what what time shall rob.
The intercom surfaced with a voice worry,
“Mr. G, have you seen Annabelle?” she scurried.
“No have have not.” He replies with utter cool,
The others in the class chimed in and said she wasn’t in school.
We thought nothing over until two minutes gone by,
Until the intercom surfaced once again with a desperate cry,
“Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!” We froze,
The teacher suddenly awoke from his morning doze,
We huddled in the corner while he slammed and locked the door,
These were the facts that nobody could ignore.
We shook in fright, hugging eachother,
We called our family’s, told our mothers we loved her.
I thought of my bestfriend, my life, everything I love,
And prayed to Allah I would fly above.
Thinking of jumping in front when the bullet came,
Thinking about Annabelle and how she once was tame.
Texting my family my final I love you and goodbye,
Spectating the ground where I was going to die.
Tears spilling from the corner of my eyes,
Saying I’m fine when it was all just lies.
Feeling my lungs breathe out air,
Praying my friends were okay and in care.
Texted my father begging for him,
My heart felt ready to burst upon the brim.
He sprinted in traffic and into his car,
The distance between his business was quite so far,
But he sped through lights out of sheer fear,
Something was terribly wrong, it was so clear.
The door had opened in a sudden jolt,
My friend stood up with a sudden bolt!
He pushed me behind him to save my life,
This moment is what cut me deeper than a knife.
Thank god it was just a friend,
Our lives still didn’t meet its end.
I bawled and shook from stress and fear,
Reminiscing over everyone I love and hold dear.
25 minutes pass by steady,
We held scissors, chairs, running positions; we were ready.
But to our relief they called it done,
The person was caught and they had no gun.
They were insane and made such threats for years,
Triggering their friends and our worst fears.
Now I live traumatized in all,
Feeling so bad I have a therapist to call.
I had 3 mental breakdowns since 2 days ago,
If she was there to kill us, who would have known?
Would she have shot my friends, or possible me?
Thank god it didn’t happen, it’s something nobody should have to see.
Please be careful at school my dears,
Because sometimes people can be our worst fears.

  • Author: sad sunflower bitch (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 24th, 2018 10:08
  • Comment from author about the poem: I decided to write about my lockdown experience that happened Tuesday. Truly was terrifying and upsetting as hell. Hope you can learn from this piece and be aware that no matter where you are or how old you are, things like this can happen to anybody.
  • Category: Sad
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