My girl

I love my girl

because she is adorable

when she is embarrassed


I love my girl

because she is cute

when she is smiling


I love my girl

because she is helping me

when she is asking me about kisses


I like her because she gives me strength


she helps me when I need it


I help her back when she needs it


Our love is on the same level

even if it looks different

then a normal couple


She being an adorable person

when I am being an smooth person


She brings out my mind where it counts


I bring out her heart

not on a plate

but in a blanket where she hides


hides her adorable embarrassed face

when I say

Your adorable

Your cute


Your are my blomma

my flower


She brings my right brain


my left brain


I feel balance thanks to her


I’m grateful for having a girl that cares about me

that cares that I did something stupid and needs rest for it


She really is my girl

even when her other side is mad at me


I find both sides adorable and caring


I'm happy and lucky

even if I still feel empty a bit

I still feel my heartbeat again


Sometimes I'm happy for being unlucky

because if I weren't

then we probably would have never meet


She is my blomma and my bright star. 



  • Clarita

    Beautiful and heartwarming

    • k4nki3


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