There is no me, but I am doing 

just fine a contradiction that is so

intertwined what defines self without 

the word my, the question is why 


Apart from the idea of self we are but 

a leaf on a tree of everything we sought 

to know or deny eternally constant 

outside the catchment of our mortal mind 


That is so embroiled within distraction that 

it's difficult to find truth, light, and peace so 

we cease and follow the herd that leaf on 

a tree there is no you without me 


We are all part of the universe so we don't 

need to reach for the stars the fabric of motion 

completes us all as a pin drop in the ocean 

which defines us all as one human race 

without a face 


  • Laura

    Hi, Zigs!
    Glad to see your writing!

    A very interesting and intriguing verse!
    “We are but a leaf on a tree”
    “...it’s s difficult to find truth, light, and peace...”
    So we are one of many in this universe without the me, my, I, mine...
    just “a pin drop in the ocean”...
    Part of “one human race without a face”

    You have captured the essence of the earthlings on this planet! Rather bleak...
    hence the bar code?


    • ZIGGY

      I Laura many thanks for your comment you really have a knack for seeing into a write
      to explain it so well I just wrote this just before posting so thanks for your comment
      always so glad to have your words on my poem you are good at commenting best regards

      • Laura

        You’re very welcome!

        Thank you for your comments! I like the feedback! Have a great weekend!😊

      • Candlewitch

        dear Ziggy,

        a great poem which confirms the cosmic thread between every living entity! we are all connected!

        I'm feeling better. I sent Dan a letter yesterday... now we just wait and see what happens...

        love, Cat

        • ZIGGY

          hi cat many thanks for you comment as always, I replied to your mail
          hope your keeping well,,,zigs

        • Unsub


          was going to choose a favourite stanza but I can't as each is equally as strong & visual as the others.

          The whole theme is superbly crafted.


          • ZIGGY

            wrote this after watching a David icke vid on utube ,,,,,,,,,,,,you might know of him lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,zigs

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