Mirror Mirror

Frozen mirrors and tangled tongues forever in cascade
A glimpse of every past and path that led to this charade
Slow illusion unveil your game and tempt me with its form
Warm as honeyed déjà vu is life inside the storm

Old hypnotic replayings of moments when it slipped
Simplicity in hammer falls so brutal that I ripped
Torn apart by my escape with freedom on the air
Taste of that first distance looping back to disrepair

Ostentatious subterfuge always that old trick
Yawning as I masturbate to gods that make me sick
Strutting gilded circles here that smell of fear and shit
Algorithm sing that song and bind me to the skit

Your act is unconvincing - Harmonics laughing slow
Can't bring myself to stand and leave - This warmth all that I know


  • HangingbyaHalo

    Your words captivate me. Leaving me on the edge of my seat for the next line. This is wonderful!

    • Quemis

      Thank you!

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