first they stabbed my father

first they stabbed my father,

then they took my soul,   however the only bit left of me,   was a story to be told. 

 i was only 10   so daint, so pure   i found my self lurking   where children shouldn’t lurk at all   

 they held a gun to my mother,   i was frozen of utter fear   while kids my age  were watching    the disney film.. oh dear  

  everythings  is grey to me    or just simply so blue   i remember how i used to happy   under the age 2  

  what can i exepect   nobody is safe   my ancestors farmed for cash   but I’m sorrowful sitting in a cafe  

  i see my own blood crying   sweating and breaking down   but i can’t provide for the shattered souls   not unless i drown 

  why can’t i reach the top   my brain can’t fit   no, I’ve had enough   ill just slit    

dirt is in there eye   a pencil in my hand   why is life hard on everyone   i just dont understand


  • Anthony Stafford

    Question is what you think about its good to me

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