Love Is

Love Is


Do you know what the problem with Love is?

Very few people hold the capacity to actually love,

Love hurts,

It’s giving someone every broken piece of you and hoping that you don’t come out on the other side with nothing but more scars to show for it,



Is Vulnerable,

It’s standing naked in a spot light,

Showcasing all of your faults,

And hoping the good somehow outweighs the bad,



Is demanding,

Often occupying parts of your mind you rarely venture to anymore,

Even more so, it is constantly questioning the trauma that makes you, you

The pieces that ache to touch.


Love invades all of your cracks and crevasses,


Even those that are now a stranger to the warmth of your attention,



Is lonely

When no one else’s touch will do

In a world of 7 billion people …

Love is the itch that can only be scratched by one


Love is not a surface emotion,

In a world full of glorified falsehoods

The Illusions of love being only rainbows and sunshine have deteriorated the reality that love is beautiful...


But it is also,


Love is feeling hurt

And Vulnerable

Or stretched too thin

And even sometimes lonely


Yet still,


Pulling your heart from your chest,

and giving it away.




  • Jane Frye

    Nice. Love is a big subject. I like your last line, "Smiling, pulling your heart from your chest and giving it away."

  • Clarita

    Great poem. Love can truly be defined in a million different ways if one allows it.

    • HangingbyaHalo

      So very true. thank you for commenting.

    • Roselyn

      "But it is also, Painful" I love that.

      • HangingbyaHalo

        it is indeed painful, thank you.

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