Make America Great

We must make,
America great,
but not as it was,
in the past.
We must learn,
from our mistakes,
or else we will never last.
Allow prayer,
back in schools,
and other public places.
Stop judging,
AND stop assuming,
we are all being judged,
on the color,
of our faces.
Start respecting,
our authority more.
At least do what they say,
Stop disrespecting,
all of our leaders.
You can't always,
have it your way.
Stop always,
being lazy.
Take responsibility,
for your own actions.
Stop legalizing marijuana.
It does not help you,
not even just a fraction.
If we choose,
to use the constitution,
we must learn,
all about it,
rather than use it,
as an excuse,
to go to court,
and shout it.
The list goes on,
about how we can,
make America great.
Just work hard,
love the American flag,
and God will put,
food on your plate.

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