Decisions decisions

Everything is a decision, a choice, on some level you chose.

Not necessarily in the sense of what happened, but you reacted.

You decided how to handle the problem presented, and now this is your reality.

Learn in the moments where crucial decisions lie, and take back control.

You can be or do whatever you like in this life, but you limit yourself by what life has taught you so far.

If your bitten by a dog, you fear the animal and not the being.

You live your life with boxes and boundaries, so everything is black and white.

You believe this is the simplest method, but your restricting yourself.

You won’t jump unless you know you can fly, you have wings you’ve never used.

You want someone else to try them out for you, so you can be sure a decision to jump is the right one.

If we knew the outcome of all decisions before they were made, we would be irrelevant and we wouldn’t grow.


Choose your life.

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  • Published: May 29th, 2018 09:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: Everything is made in a decision to act, indecisiveness can rot a persons potential.
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  • FineB


    Decisions! Decisions!

    Such is life!

    Super poem.

    Keep writing FineB

    • G84

      Thank you fineb

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