Jane Frye

The Bee and Me

The Bee and Me

This bee
buzzing by,
decides to give me a try.
To clarify,
there were yellow flowers on my shirt.
I just know this is gonna hurt.

This bee
is scaring me!
Its buzzing is blaring, see!
I quicken my pace,
to get out of this place!

This bee is following me!
Aiming for the flower,
at the twelve o'clock hour,
it's zeroing in!
I'm running!
Yelling words I know are a sin.

The bee buzzing is getting closer and closer to my ear!
I'm flailing and swatting, now in fear!
I hold my breath, close my eyes tight.
I know I've lost this painful fight.

This bee,
it's going to sting!
I wait for it... but,

here's the thing;
it didn't.

It didn't!
The bee flew past!
I felt so harassed.
This bee
wanted nothing to do with me!


  • Jhe

    was stung once
    so i kno your fear
    this poem made alot of sense
    but like all poems born of dread
    it's a shame it got scared
    into being here ;-)

    • Jane Frye

      :-) I'm not really afraid of bees, in fact, I think that they are wonderful little beings. The poem was inspired by a golfer I saw out my kitchen window. Thank you for your comment, and for answering my question about the A- and the A+. :-)

    • Jhe

      oh i do think they're amazing
      but every time one gets in
      my home, the only thing
      on my mind is its sting

      ...of course i
      open the windows
      shut the door and wait
      for it to find its own way
      (care of flowing fresh air)
      back to the flowers again!

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