Posting Poetry

Jane Frye

My poetic side
What a ride!
A place to spout about;
your muse, your sorrow,
your plan for tomorrow,
the news,
your booze,
your silly,
even your friend, Billy.
Whatever's on your mind,
can be typed out line by line.
You can be incognito,
or come as you are.
It's way super neato
There's just one problem,
I don't know what the A+ and A- are about.
Maybe someone can help me figure this out?

hi Jane, i'm Jhe
and i too like mps
coz it's not too buzy
you kno, it's not a mess
of ads that flicker + pics
+ scattered tips which
can make dyslexic
eyes go giddy
& with
the community
being quite small
it's also sort of cozy;
a calming place to be
when everywhere else
is making even your
angry rhymes go
ugly crazy
& by the way
re those A's:
A+ makes people's poems
a teeny bit bigger,
for tired eyes
no prizes for quessing
what A- does, altho
i don't kno why

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  • SLR

    This is great! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jane Frye

      Thank you. Now that Jhe explained the A's to me, seems silly that I could not figure it out.

      • Jane Frye

        Ha ha! Now I'm in the know.
        I can move on and let go.
        I should have realized, what now seems so apparent.
        The A's were all about size.
        The answer was so transparent.
        Thank you Jhe,
        for sharing your knowledge with me.

      • Jhe

        thanks for the opportinity
        to say what i like
        about this site
        as for the A's
        it took me an age
        to notice what they did
        ...coz i was expecting
        something new to appear
        on the screen + /
        something to vanish !

        • Jane Frye

          Very Good Jhe. 🙂

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