The Orgasm.


His body covers mine.
I am in another world...there is no future.
I am transfixed in this moment...
Labia with its intricate folds, pink and moist, like the dawn flowers heavy with dew.
Breasts exposed, nipples erect and communicating their need silently yet with an urgency that speaks a language only we can fathom.
A warmth that ignites...slow at first..deep in my core.
Radiating with every touch, caress.. until I am a furnace.
A fire that burns, bright and intense.
Every cell in my body flooded with passion and pleasure.
An orchestra that builds to a heavenly crescendo.
Bodies slippery with sweat...lips parted, cry out.
In this moment we are but one and the same.
United in the greatest way of all.




  • Carmine Branco

    What a crescendo! You can feel the pleasure building and the reader awaits the release. Very good.

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