An Obsession of Life and Death

The Dead girl living

oft' says death is wasted

on the dying.

Perhaps it's the way she chokes

on the suicide notes she can't

bother writing


maybe it's the way that air

becomes stone in her lungs.


The Live girl dying

oft' says life is wasted

on the living.

Perhaps it's the way her body

fights itself as she sings


maybe it's the way

the dying find grace in an

answered prayer.


The Dead girl living

stores her pain in a piggy

bank heart,

hoping that someday it will 

count for something.

She took her loneliness and 

stashed it in between her


hoping god would notice

and grant her the end she is 



The Live girl dying 

answered her call to arms with

a smile,

saying she knew how to float

or fly through these dark days.

Saying she knew

god would notice

and grant her the beginning she is




  • Christina8

    I think this is a wonderful write!

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