I just cant write about it

I try to write about happiness
I try to write about positivity  
so when you read this
just know i am trying to write about the good
because there is good
there is the sky when the sun is going down
there are the clouds that look like oil paintings
there are the stars that come out one by one then all at once
there are the trees that sway and rustle
there are the animals in the trees that sing
there are the flowers that manage to grow anywhere
there are the swings in the park
there are the dogs that get walked in that park
there are the friends that I go on the swings with, in that park
the ones I point out all the dogs to
there is my family, each and every annoying member
so when you read this
if you read this
know that i am happy most of the time
but there is always the bad
no matter who you are
and sometimes when knee deep in the bad it can feel like there is nothing else
I know there is
I just can't write about it.

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