Scribbles and Riddles

I am scribbles and riddles,

I wonder how I’ll keep these sentences strung,

Because I see my words from the tip of my fingers,

To the tip of my tangy tongue.

I hear the sounds of pen on paper,

I want to, but I can’t seem to escape her,

For I am only scribbles and riddles.


I pretend that I am self-reliant,

But the words in my story are surging,

They pop out of the book to taunt and tease me,

Their silhouettes are emerging.

I feel the exterior of my pages,

Scoffing as I read about all our fights and wars,

It’s sad that you were billions of chapters in my life

When I was only a line in yours.


I touch your lips while I mutter,

“Don’t tell me the things that you miss.”

I worry that you’re only giving me fiction,

“Do you know what love even is?”

I cry when you swallow the lumps in your throat,

We’re both tired of being so brittle,

But I can’t say much but whisper a hush,


“I am scribbles and riddles.”


I understand that I have to close this final chapter,

Then erase myself from the narrative,

You keep your mouth closed, so

I say, “What you found trivial, I found imperative.”

Still, I dream for you a better life,

To find someone worth your narration,

Since it’s obvious now,

That I only brought you tears and suffocation.

I hope the person you meet next,

Is easy to write about, clear and visible,

But nothing like me,

For I am scribbles and riddles.


  • Candlewitch


    this is an excellent piece of work! keep on writing! nice to meet you!

    *hugs, Cat

    • Spica

      thank you very much! i really appreciate it! :)

    • Jhe

      enjoyed the rhythm, and the dialogue was very interesting...

      your scribbles said alot;
      the only riddle is
      why was you so hard on yourself in the last two lines?!

      • Spica

        thank you for the kind words! but my only answer i have to my own riddle is that if im hard on myself, like life will be easier. but if i insist on being too easy on myself then my life maybe harder. i hope that isn't too confusing, thank you for reading!

      • Jhe

        i know we need to keep ourselves in check, but as your poem acknowledged at least some failings of both parties i figured you'd been checking yourself throughout...and that the two parties separated as jointly responsible
        so the final 'i'm unworthy' vibe seemed unfair
        however, after another read i'm thinking it was more a case of you letting them know you was letting them go, which was a nice thing to do

        (sorry but the poem's too considerate for me to harder on you ;-)

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