Where The People Who Don't Argue Are

It is a shame,

how often I hear,

of fighting on the news,

with ideologies such as,

'The American Dream is to sue'.

A news channel dedicated to liberals,

and one dedicated to republicans,

are each contributing,

to what they call, 'fake news'.

People say,

we have to accept their lifestyle,

or else we are close minded.

Yet they are afraid,

and make fun of other's faith,

and say, "Christianity is behind us".

Now the, 'New thing', today,

is to show others hate.

They say,

He arrested me because,

of the color of my face,

and yet we kill our own race.

The world has this notion,

that we shouldn't be held accountable,

and that we should blame,

our problems on others.

People are always,

critisizing people,

when it is the critics,

who never want,

to help one another.

You are hypocrites,

who like to light fires,

and keep them lit.

You copy lines from a song,

and say ignorant things such as,

"Only God can judge me".

Still, I am not bias,

just a bit pious.

I notice how some people (not everybody),

often wear their light brown suits,

and their white button down shirt,

with their red ties,

and call themselves,

evangelical Christians too.

Do not get me wrong.

I have nothing,

against their clothes.

We find ourselves conservative,

and call ourselves God fearing.

Yet, how often do,

you hear the words,

'believer in Jesus Christ'?

You choose to fight,

to fight over things,

not worth fighting for.

You are lovers of money,

and yet you say,

you have moral standards.

What have you given,

to the Lord lately?

Yet I digress.

I do not mean to talk,

about others money.

That is rude.

That is only the tip of the iceberg.

Oh vanity, vanity,

all is vanity!

It seems as though the world,

has lost all it's sanity!

Drug cartels clash,

as they fight their own wars,

making billions in cash,

and with it,

all they do is hoard.

Countries use,

children as soldiers,

because they are so poor.

We, and I mean we in general,

bomb our own country,

when there was not that much there,

to begin with.

There were only people,

but in this day,

who cares about people?

If it will bring your country fame,

and make the other,

look like they were to blame,

who cares if they die?

They are only people.

Still, the list goes on.

If I were to name,

every world argument,

I would be here,

from evening until dawn.

So I thank God,

who is my Lord,

and Savior, Jesus Christ,

that someday I will be,

in a place where no one fights.




  • orchidee

    Yes - and even evangelists (not all though). It's unbelievable - if only it was. It's certainly outrageous. One evangelist requesting £41 million for a private jet. I feel like never seeing him again on telly.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Actually, there is a difference between an evangelist and what people call evangelicals. You can call me an evangelist (someone who goes out and proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ).
      Somewhere along the way people took that word and turned it into evangelical, and made it a political term. I think it may be a mix between evangelist and angelical.
      Regardless, I don't want you to get the wrong idea about what I am writing. I have nothing against money, and I would never critisize the church, and I would certainly never down talk another pastor, because I don't know everything they do with their money.
      Thank you for commenting.
      Persistence is key

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