Lady Pain (by:eddy styx)

Lady Pain

wild horses
couldn't stop her
from ruining her life
she was hell bent
on destruction
and all her
shuddering denial
her intentions
of exposing
her tender pink
silk and satin
and all her
feminine frills
like tea and crumpets
she needed her fix
of love and pain
laced with daily
she knew she could
never go home again
because the pain
was so delicious
oh how much
she loved
the chilling rain
and wild horses
couldn't stop her...


written by my male alter ego: eddy styx


  • w c

    I've felt the pull of wild horses! i enjoyed your poem.

    • Candlewitch

      dear w c,

      wild horses and temptation towards the dark side are always with us....the trick is to control them instead of allowing them to control us 😉 thanks for reading and the comment! glad you enjoyed!

      hugs, Cat
      ever, eddy

    • Michael Edwards

      Magic write Cat

      • Candlewitch

        thank you Michael!

        ever. eddy
        *hugs, Cat

      • Goldfinch60

        It is good to hear from Eddy again, may he write more like this.

        • Candlewitch

          thank you Goldfinch,

          I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks again for reading and commenting!

          ever, eddy
          *hugs, Cat

        • Laura🌻

          Hello, eddy styx...
          I’m happy you’re back!
          I’ve missed your writings!

          Your comment to w c is so true! The dark side IS always with us! It is up to us to control those “wild horses and temptations”! The older I get the more successful I’ve become in controlling them!

          Hugs 🤗

          • Candlewitch

            dear Laura,

            thank you for digging this up and reading it! and such a nice comment! congrats to you on your strength.... it isn't easy, I know!

            ever, eddy

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