Inevitably of age (Sibling brotherhood)

It couldn't have been swifter, overwhelmed in emotions.

My eyes have grown wider, the vision I see before me; has more depth than any ocean.

Its something that resembles nothing of the past, but is a glance of the possibilities. An idea of what life has in store for us.
We easily forget life can move too fast.

We mirror our younger selves.
I have so much respect and love for you, that words wouldnt simply be able to divulge.

However as we grow old, we begin to find, the shoes we wore do not fit the footprint we are leaving behind.

The shackles of our youth have been broken, we are forged into men of character. You uphold the values of honour and integrity.
No truer a word has been spoken.

My eyes grow wide, not only for the change that I have seen, but for the change that is yet to come. We have seen darkness and heights higher than belief, yet we continue to overcome.

My brother, my love for you is immense and true. Its tough to see, because the young brother I used to know,
Is no longer you.

But this is no bad thing, I assure you on that.

Brother please continue to grow.
But dont lose sight of your heart and its will to seek and know.

As I stand shoulder to shoulder with you, I understand true brotherhood. Its not about me and neither is it about you. It about whats achievable together and everything we can possibly do.


  • Candlewitch

    a wonderful and amazing right of passage...such wisdom.

    wishing you both all the best, Cat

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