Jo March

On my Mother's Birthday

You soar on fairy wings 

And wave your magic wand 

Just once… like that…  

Pour starlight milk in hearts that sing

Your elfin cave becomes a fairy land 


Your feet dance lightly on the air

Roses bloom wild in your hands 

Eyes fill with eternal love and care

Your smiles blossom in meadowlands


Your heart opens like a shrine 

The dream now glows in fairy dust

Your day comes wrapped in rays of sunshine

Fairy tales enclose your world in stardust


Light as a fairy with an angel’s halo

You catch the morning’s early rays 

You open your eyes and watch the city glow

And then work quietly through busy days 


Your birthday wishes now grow wings 

May every dream find its home 

Lovely new hope in young heart rings 

Wrapped in magical bows soft as foam


So many candles dazzle your eyes

So much happiness caught in midair 

Numerous wishes rise in azure skies 

Blow the candles and glow in your dream-prayer


May your life unwrap like a fairy tale 

And elf-like songs fill your heart 

May inspiration soar for you full-scale 

Your hopes toward happiness depart


Mathematical solutions flow effortless

You attack problems with delight 

Ancient wisdom lies before you measureless 

Inspiration helps your soul take flight 


You shake off fairy dust in morning greeting 

And bless your way to milky dreams

Your heart springs in blissful beating 

As fresh hope in your eyes gleams


Bluest sky in forget-me-not gray eyes

Happy faces glow as if enchanted 

Your smiles blend in soft surprise 

Each day you watch your new dream granted 


May a thousand stars shine for you today 

May your hopes forever bloom like roses 

And April wind all worries sweep away 

Softly the window to fairy land now closes 


Angel’s wings and glowing faces 

To fairy realm the key you now possess 

Light as a harp your heart in happiness races

May your life like a fairy tale be blessed 



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