cheater cheater

Rose are bleeding,
Love is fleeting.
Tears are shedding,
There’s blood on the bedding.
Choking sobs with fire places cracking,
An angry man throwing things, violently packing.
A women pleading for his stay,
She was the all time cheater; her plan went the other way.
Now she was alone in her dark torn room,
Being calm on the outside, yet her head planning doom.
Her hair stuck to her sopping wet cheeks,
And from the doorway, a small brunette boy peeks.
He asked where daddy was but knew what was said,
He didn’t know that the next day he was alone, for his mother was shot dead.


  • FineB

    Thank you sad sunflower. An excellent poem.

    Poignant, melancholy and brilliant showing the darker side of love and relationships!

    Keep writing

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