The Truth is No Joke

The Truth is no joke
To be used to trick, taunt or provoke
Or to bend, offend or with prejudice stoke
Lip service to misinformation and suspicion
That breeds hate, paranoia and division
Amassing hysteria and propaganda as a ploy
Using any scam and dodging any proof to employ
a fabricated alternative revision of validity.
A plausible weaponized rationale,
that explains the nakedness of the emperor’s new clothes.
Easily we undress and are naively led to feed
from the serving plate of greed and misdeed.
Fodder and fuel to burn the mind,
What few bites we can chew, we mostly choke and spew.
Our gold teeth extracted along with our soul
And the punch line is swallowed whole.
Reality retold to distort, define, and misalign
Or confine any independent objectivity
A tall story of slanted subjectivity  
Each page a compass that magnetizes not by direction
Night rises in the east and day sets by it’s inflection
A fable of deceitful double-dealing deceptive duplicity
All the aces up their sleeve, we gamble and lose much.
A fast game of ball under which cup keeps us hypnotized
As they pull much out of their hat
All the while trivializing our diverse convictions
and blinding our sight with their slight of hand.
Raising up the ante with their lies
to fictionalize the brass tacks of facts
Of our touch and taste actuality.
Forged facts travel like telephone chitchat
Gossip that maligns a fair clarification
Of News that is more than just persistent slander,
a monologue for influence, dialog for the almighty dollar,
or personalized pamphlets to ponder or pander.
We are deafened by the constant wisecracking jeers,
gibes and one-liners used to hush up our trust
in the pure moments of crystalline certainty.
Hoodwinked and crippled with all the leg pulling
rib jabs, knife edged irony, wisecracking underhanded duping,
We can’t even verify what’s in front of our eyes.
Optimism cannot flourish with cynicism, pessimism and skepticism
And Hope relies on Truth to thrive.
As a free people we only succeed and survive,
When we nurture Hope by cherishing and keeping Truth alive-MLH

Written for and dedicated to many of our elected validators and
our free press who put Truth and Honor first
Thank You for keeping the truth alive in word and deed.-Mary L. Hofer
The only fake news is whatever convenient cover-up and misdirection used by our current Administration
-Liars all -even if they only employ the sin of omission or inaction to testify the truth



  • tinhearts

    I love this as I was reading and thinking of the faulse shepherds filling souls with slop. But hey I lived it about the fake news too! The change has to come within .

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