We are all Servants

We Are All Servants

Put not your willing hand oh servant of the Lord amongst the covetous clenched hand of the unrighteous.Lest your fingers be defiled by the shedding of blood formed in Divinity and permanently stained with iniquity. Let not your own divine soul descend into godlessness for Infinity. Offer an open heartfelt hand that honor and mercy can withstand. Greed and misdeed have no place in the sanctuary. They that
are profaned in heart or beholden to hatred must not enter in the most holy site.They who have polluted the priesthood with spite towards all that is most sacred, and give respite to those who defy all morality and equality of law willingly cast their souls to fate. No matter what they can relate to the collection plate. They who conflate and relate conscience to circumstance are confined by their actions to an ungodly state.Let not hope or justice be unheeded and strip not validity from any culture of humanity where goodwill and generosity are needed.Do not follow the multitude of false mendacity that does evil to any soul or nation. All people regardless of station or relation share the same human foundation. They that manipulate and fabricate reality to dominate the masses with their unholy attraction, err and undermine the very essence of our creation. Let no man go beyond and defraud his brethren in any manner for God has called us to goodness. Keep thee far from false propriety
or mimicry of piety for war and not charity. Nor speak their cause or make straight their twisted path. Neither rest judgement away from those beaten into their demise. People of the Just
robbed and ensnared in holes of evil’s making. By aiding the depraved who thrust them from their synagogues of joy, You led those most foul to freedom and stolen opulence while forsaking the souls and the voices of the weeping. Istead of proclaiming liberty to their horrific injury by throwing open the doors and windows of their captivity. Grave robbed and snared in the depth of lies you have shamed those now asleep in eternity. Bringing succor or offering a second baptism to those who burned their purity upon their own unclean altars separating them from God.They who became shepherds of rabid dogs and inhumane beasts,their priestly garments will not cover them or be given praise from lip reading repentance or sins release. Neither should their good works be blessed while righteousness cannot be served or redressed. Hindsight cannot recognize eyes now open or remove the buried rusty remnants or dross from any cross we bear, whether from the sin of purposeful action, reaction,inaction,or subverted faction.When none called out like a trumpet for justice or pleaded for rightness of spirit to be their responsibility. Recompense instead was given to the evil doers fight. We must only allow benevolence to light our light. Each of us need be aware and embrace our own vessel in reverence and grace. Offer only what God in his love has given to us all. And then humanity can go forth as brightness. Then,only then,will we be righteous in his sight.When we model only honor and value for what is right. MLH

In remembrance of all the millions of sweet souls who were massacred in the Nazi Holocaust. They need more than our acknowledgement of their enslavement and death by violence caused by extreme prejudice because of their beautifully human differences than those of their indifferent captors and inhumane killers.We must also confess out loud that some Catholic priests saved many of these heinous murderers,leading the same rabid dogs like lambs to safety and away from justice. Globally we continue to avoid the truth of what dire means of inhumanity are applied to people everywhere by violence,Injustice,intolerance, indifference and greed,both past and present. MLH

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